A strategic exit process for your business

We prepare our clients to execute a strategic exit of their business, whether it is a total exit, a partial sale of shares, sale of assets or merger.

Starting with a deep understanding of the business model and the company valuation, we represent our clients along the process until the transaction is closed, and through the post-merger integration process.

Phase 1) Analysis and valuation of the company.
Phase 2) Preparation of roadshow materials.
Phase 3) Screening and contact with potential buyers.
Phase 4) Due diligence process and initial negotiations.
Phase 5) Advanced negotiations and closing.

We maximize the sale price through tailored strategies for each company.

We represent companies with annual revenues in excess of $3 million USD.

We understand buyers’ perspectives, allowing us to craft deals that benefir both parties, and increase success probability.

We justify the company sale price through its intrinsic value, and the analysis of comparable companies and transactions.

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