Business valuation and value enhacement strategies.

At SALUS, our objective is not only to perform a percise valuation analysis and craft solid narrative… We invest time in our clients’ understanding of the valuation process and methodologies.

We guarantee comprehension of the company’s value drivers, and the strategies to maximize them.

Why value a company?

1) Understand with detail the intrinsic value and potential price for the company.
2) Make informed and strategic decisions for growth.
3) Plan the succession and/or exit strategy for the family owned business.
4) Develop a winning strategy to exit a business or sell stock.
5) Prepare for growth equity rounds.
6) Evaluate an investment opportunity.

+10 years of experience in valuation.

Advising private and public companies, startups, independent investors, private equity and venture capital funds.

Certified in Advanced Valuation by NYU Stern School of Business.

¿Cómo lo hacemos?

1) Business model and financial analysis.
2) Perform quality of earnings analysis and develop assumptions for financial forecast.
3) Calculate discount rate (WACC) and discounted cash flows.
4) Relative valuation through comparable transactions and companies.
5) Sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulations.
6) Recommendations on fair price and negotiation strategies.
7) Value enhacing strategies for the company.

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